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Welcome Alumni,


Congratulations on your accomplishments.  Many of you have moved on to new careers, family and friends, but you are now and always will be a part of the Neumann Community.  By joining the Neumann University Alumni Online Community you are entitled to many perks; one of which is a 10% discount at the Campus Store.  The discount can be used on any non textbook item on the website. In the store the discount only excludes textbooks, food, and certain select school supplies.  To receive the discount on web purchases, please indicate that you are a member of the Neumann University Alumni Online Community in the comment box provided.  Just type the word “Alumni”; please also include your alumni number.  (If you have not registered with the Neumann University Alumni Online Community, please click on the icon below.)  Your discount will not be indicated on your confirmation sheet, it will however, be noted on the receipt accompanying your order. 


The website changes monthly. There are currently over 100 non textbook items on the site.  If you include the textbooks, we are reaching approximately 500 items.  There are additional links provided by vendor partners.  On many of these links you are purchasing items direct from service providers, so we are currently unable to extend the Alumni discount to these services.  However, you will find that many of these items are already discounted and are of real value to many consumers.  Enjoy your shopping experience. If there is anything you do not see, just go to the contact page and either email or call us.  Someone will answer your query with all due haste.  Again, congratulations on your accomplishments and have a wonderful day.


Staff of the Neumann University Bookstore

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